Infinet has built its reputation around developing NetSuite SuiteCloud platform solutions that seamlessly blend with existing functionality to create engaging and rich solutions. With a combined developer platform experience of over 20 years, you are assured of quality and excellence.

Working with Bundles

Benefit from our extensive experience of working with suite bundles and managed suite bundles. We can advise on many aspects including; ensuring your bundle is secure (protecting your intellectual property), licensing modules and development life cycles for SuiteCloud. In addition our expertise can help you maintain a bundle, ensuring bundle installs and updates occur seamlessly.

Suitescript Governance Techniques

Need to increase the throughput of your suitescript solution? struggling to overcome limitations?
Infinet have developed a range of techniques that address these areas ensuring, governance and performance is managed hand in hand. Learn how to restructure your code to improve user experience by performing low volume processes, in real-time and schedule higher volume actions with clear dialog information for users.

SuiteCloud Platform Consultancy

Looking to migrate your proprietary solution onto the SuiteCloud platform but not sure where to start?. Let us advise you on best practices, overcoming challenges and approaches to maximise the benefits of the platform.

Developing for One World

Do you have an existing bundle that needs to support both NetSuite One World and standard editions? We can advise you on working with multiple configurations, how to tackle account variations, from features to classification, department and locations.

General Scripting

Need a suitescript expert? Need existing code reviewed for quality assurance? need to improve error handling?. Whether you are looking to integrate with an external REST based API, or develop a complex on platform customisation; Infinet have the skills to help. Infinet’s developers cover all aspects of the Suitescript skillset; Client Script, User Events, Suitelets, Restlets and Scheduled Scripts.

Suite Cloud User Interface

As customers and users become more cloud savvy, they become more demanding, expecting clean and intuitive interfaces. In many instances a custom user interface can provide a focused user interface experience, minimising repetition, clicks, and helping to ensure the quality of data entered.