UK Payroll Features

ICS UK Payroll for NetSuite is “Built for NetSuite” and runs entirely on the NetSuite platform. Your payroll data is as secure as your most critical business data, no more journal imports, outsourcing or running dual software.

One click, real-time reporting, get instant access to your business data whenever and wherever you need it through the intuitive NetSuite UI.

OneWorld compatible and compliant in multiple jurisdictions, with integration to HMRC, the ATO and IRD you gain the ability to run multi-country and multi-subsidiary payroll all in a single system.

Seamless Upgrades, whether it is a functional improvement or needed to maintain legislative compliance.

Take control of this time-consuming activity and focus on your core-business: process a standard pay run from start to finish in 10 clicks or less.
Manage your Employee payroll requirements in a user-friendly solution that caters for even the most advanced calculations, including:

  • Tax: PAYE, Student Loan and National Insurance (including Director methods)
  • Gross Pay: Overtime, Bonus, Commission and Allowances
  • Net Pay: Post-tax deductions, Arrestment of Earnings and Employee Loans
  • Pensions and Auto-Enrolment: Earnings threshold calculations and triggers, multiple pension funds and CSV exports for upload
  • Pro-rata calculations: Manage Mid-Period Pay rises, leavers and starters
  • Multiple Pay Frequencies: Monthly, Weekly, Fortnightly, Bi-Monthly
  • Statutory Elements: Maternity, Paternity, Shared Parental and Sick pay and Leave.
  • Statutory forms : P60, P11d and P45
  • Custom configuration options gives you the ability to handle many different pay scenarios

Statutory Leave and Pay is calculated, paid, recovered and communicated to HMRC as part of the Pay Run process and once configured on an Employee will be calculated and presented in each relevant Pay Period.

Stage based Pay Run which includes full rollback functionality and editing flexibility at the payslip line level.

RTI Submission including the Full Payment Submission (FPS), Employer Payment Summary (EPS) and P11d(b) to HMRC.

Simplified payments via EFT Upload

Leave and Absence Management allows for intuitive request of paid and unpaid leave, management of balances for Annual, Sick and Custom leave types displayed in a colour coded calendar view giving organisation wide visibility.

Use NetSuites Employee Self Service (License required) to offer intuitive employee leave requests that go to their Supervisor for approval. Payslips, P60 and P11d can be printed, emailed or securely retrieved.

Create and customize your reports using the inherent capabilities of NetSuite.
Powerful General Ledger management, achieved through automated creation of expense, liability and payment journals, including employee grouping.
Customer / Project Costing and split allows you to allocate payroll expenses to customers or projects for real-time profitability.
Automatically process approved Timesheets to further reduce payroll processing time.
Turn your Payroll in to Management Information you can profit from.

Customer Testimonials:

We are one of the highest rated SuiteApps on

“We moved to Infinet Cloud almost a year ago and have found the payroll package to be the best. From Timesheet to GL the pay process is fully automated and integrated. The Infinet Team go above and beyond in service and commitment.”

“To implement a new payroll system for circa 2200+ employees who are paid weekly was never going to be an easy task, but with the help of Infinet Cloud we did just that and have found both business and time saving efficiency. Once payroll has been sent to the bank, the system posts all of the required P&L and time reallocation journals straight to our GL which has meant instead of manually posting and reconciling, we can focus on reporting requirements. The executive team are also so impressed by what information they can pull from the system it’s been invaluable.”

“Product is remarkably sophisticated and caters for a broad range of requirements. I have been extremely impressed with their Customer Support as it is responsive and have assisted with all tasks. Highly recommended.”