Infinet Cloud Payroll runs on the NetSuite SuiteCloud Infrastructure, a proven platform used by over 10,000 organisations worldwide. By leveraging the SuiteCloud platform ICS delivers a truly robust, high availability service.

About NetSuite

NetSuite is the world’s leading provider of cloud-based business management software. NetSuite helps companies manage core business processes with a single, fully integrated system covering ERP/financials, CRM, ecommerce, inventory and more. More than 10,000 high-growth and midsized companies and divisions of large enterprises use NetSuite to run more effectively without the high costs and inefficiency of on-premise systems.

Founded in 1998, NetSuite (NYSE: N) is headquartered in Silicon Valley with more than 1,000 employees across nine offices throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia. Named by Gartner as the fastest-growing top 10 financial management solution

Role-Level Access and Idle Disconnect

Role-based access control ensures users can only use data and application functionality that is related to their responsibilities. NetSuite automatically locks the application when idle connections are detected to prevent unauthorised access. A complete audit trail ensures changes to every transaction are tracked with user login details and a timestamp.

Strong 128-Bit Encryption

NetSuite provides 128-bit SSL encryption for user login and all subsequent data the same level of encryption used by online banks

Application-Only Access

NetSuite ensures users can only access the application, not the underlying database

IP Address Restrictions

IP address restrictions further minimise access to a user’s account
Easily configure to ensure only specific computers and/or locations can access NetSuite.

Strong Password Policies

NetSuite provides fine-grained password configuration options—from minimum password length and complexity to timeframe-based password expiration.
o Supports password policies to ensure that new passwords vary from prior passwords
o Provides complexity rules to ensure passwords have a combination of numbers, letters and special characters
o NetSuite accounts are automatically locked out after unsuccessful login attempts
o For additional access control, NetSuite optionally supports multifactor authentication using a simple physical token to further minimise unauthorised access.


o NetSuite’s infrastructure incorporates multiple levels of redundancy to guard against failure
o Redundant systems automatically assume processing without any interruption should any element fail.

Disaster Recovery

o Data in the primary data center is replicated and synchronised across data centers
o All operations fail over automatically if required.

Hot Backups

o All production data is stored immediately to redundant locations
o Hot backups give NetSuite the ability to restore your data rapidly and reliably.

Offsite Backups

o All data is automatically backed up and stored offsite
o Backups are stored offsite in a secure location and safeguarded against almost any environmental conditions.


o NetSuite supports over 10,000 organisations with billions of customer requests per month
o NetSuite’s data centers are designed to accommodate surges and spikes in usage, and to scale to address increased volume and transactions.

NetSuite’s enterprise-grade redundant infrastructure enables it to provide world-class uptime, averaging 99.96% for more than the past five years.

Strong Service Level Commitment

o Guaranteed uptime of 99.5% backed by transparent Service Level Commitment
o NetSuite has achieved a historical uptime track record of 99.96% over more than the past five years
o NetSuite’s SLC is backed by a service credit if availability commitment isn’t met
o Complete transparency providing system status at all times at

Multiple Data Centers

o NetSuite maximises application availability by operating multiple geographically separated data centers
o Data center redundancy includes data mirroring, disaster recovery and failover.

Completely Redundant Internet Connections

o NetSuite’s data centers meet or exceed commercial telecommunications standards worldwide for availability and integrity, and provide redundancy that ensures reliable connectivity and maximum uptime
o No single-point data transmission bottlenecks to or from data centers

Backup Power Systems

o Emergency generators typically provide backup power in less than 10 seconds and are sized to support the entire facility at maximum load
o Uninterruptable power systems (UPSs) are provisioned in a redundant configuration, with each UPS battery system designed to carry full load for 15 minutes without a generator.

HVAC Systems

o Air conditioning in both data centers is configured to allow for proper heat dissipation, permitting the sites to operate within an acceptable temperature range
o An N+1 redundant system of HVAC units within each location maintains the flow of air conditioning.

Fire Suppression

o State-of-the-art “sniffer” systems, augmented by heat detection and dry-pipe sprinkler systems, provide the latest fire suppression methods.

Seismic Engineering

o Seismic isolation equipment cushions facilities against movement
o All equipment is supported by earthquake bracing and anchored to the concrete slab below raised floors.