Leave Management

Leave Request

  • Managed Leave RequestsStreamlined process to allow employees to make requests, enforcing business leave rules.
  • Leave Accrual & AvailabilitySpecify employees leave accrual entitlement and restrict leave requests based on available leave. Required leave is compared against the available balance for the employee for the given leave type. Available leave takes into account forecasted leave that will be accrued between the current date and the leave request end date.
  • Approval WorkflowSpecify leave approvers to review leave requests, approve or decline either individually or in bulk.
  • Fully ConfigurableOptions include whether employees can enter into negative leave and how much, and to enforce the requirement of medical certificates for personal or sick leave for a minimum number of consecutive days or a maximum individual days for a year.

For Employees

Let your employees make their own leave requests directly in NetSuite. Employees get a clear calendar view of their existing leave requests, approval status and the public holidays that fall within the year, along with a point in time balance of available leave.

Requesting leave is simple. Enter your start date, end date and leave type (annual, paid personal leave, unpaid personal leave etc) then based on your working week and public holidays, the required hours to take the leave will be calculated.

For Approvers

Easy to use intuitive interface to allow individual leave requests to be approved or declined. View summary information on your team’s leave requests, then drill down into individual requests to see a calendar view of all of your sub-ordinates in a hierarchy view. Easily identify potential overlaps and short staffing scenarios before approving leave.

Emails accompany all approval activity; and are clearly logged against both employee and leave approver ensuring a clear audit trail.

Simplified Workflow

Leave management works in harmony with ICS payroll; approved leave requests automatically create time that feeds directly into the payrun process.

Employee leave accrual from the payrun automatically reflects in the employees available leave balance.

Reporting becomes even simpler with standard reports for leave liability, and data available to review leave trends to help resourcing during peak periods.

Employee’s require a full or employee center license to enter leave requests. Full access roles can enter leave requests on behalf of others