Human Resources

  • Position based ManagementAssign and maintain a position based Organisational hierarchy (including visual Org Chart) and historical data at the Position and Employee record. Links to Infinet Cloud Payroll and allows salary bench-marking and auto assignments of Employee pay components, classifications and expense allocations from the position record.
  • Training and Licensing RecordsRecord Employee Skills, certificates, Licences and maintain full data base of available courses and costs, providers and time spent. Our Cloud HR includes workflow’d Employee electronic request through to Supervisor and Departmental/HR or finance approval.
  • OH&S ReportingHighlight, Track and Report on Work Health and Safety Hazards and HR Incidents based on 1/1/2012 Legislative requirements. Capture all critical data for mandatory Comcare reporting, all in the Cloud.
  • Recoverable Asset trackingPurchase, Assign, Monitor, Recover or Sell Employee assigned assets like Laptops, Keys, Security passes, Mobile Phones and even Vehicles. Includes online assignment and acceptance and full history at the Employee and Asset record. Auto reminders for contract expiry and terminations are standard in Infinet Cloud HR.

No more spreadsheets!

Bring your HR and Organisational practices out of the filing cabinet and into the cloud with NetSuite. Highlight and Monitor critical HCM and HR practices in the cloud through the use of our HR module and advanced NetSuite functionality including workflows, alerts and reminders, reporting on statuses, critical review dates and parties involved. Full use of role/supervisor based permissions and reporting and secure document upload.

Disciplinary Action and Grievance Records

Tracking of disciplinary actions, including:
people involved in action
details of any hearings/appeals
ability to cross reference to grievance records
log of any events that transpire once action taken
people involved in action
Tracking of grievances, including:
type of grievance (e.g. EEO, workplace bullying, etc)
key people involved


EEO & Languages

System records and allows the ability to maintain personal information on behalf of an employee including:-
Personal Details (contact details, DOB, medical confirmation, AFP Check)
Emergency ContactsEEO/Disability Info
Training records
Placement History (Job, Salary, Bonuses, Commissions)
Employee Title
Position currently held
Type of labour Hire (FT, PT, Casual, Contractor, Labour Hire)
Salary Benchmark range
Award Entitlements/EBA Entitlements



Ability to assign skills to Employees/Positions and Projects
Ability to report on various Human Resources metrics
Ability to store secure HR information and reports
Ability to store relevant documentation pertaining to review including but not limited to (interview records, reference guides, notes)
Ability to have 360 degree reviews on KPI’s
System to allow document management including ability to attach relevant documents such as certificates, degrees, licences
Ability to automate HR alerts and reminders
Ability to search database for licences, skills, qualifications, training etc
Human Resources and HCM/HR Reporting in the Cloud
HR linked to Infinet Cloud Payroll for position management


Leave Management

Ability to enter leave requests for the following types of leave: –

  • Recreation Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Leave without Pay
  • Long Service Leave
  • Maternity Pay
  • Carers Leave
  • Bereavement Leave
  • Study or Training
  • Organisation defined
Ability to predict future leave balances for a particular date
Ability to review your leave history – this shows days both taken in the past and future leave that has been approved by the employees supervisor